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Waterslides and Fun at Vana Nava Water Jungle, Hua Hin

There are few combinations as exhilarating as screaming at the top of your lungs while plunging down a slide and cooling off at the same time. You can do exactly that at Hua Hin’s Vana Nava Water Jungle. For thrill seekers, there are steep slides with wicked turns. For families, there are dedicated kids’ areas. For those needing to relax, there is soft sand and swaying palms around the wave pool.

Easily accessible on Route 4, Hua Hin’s main thoroughfare, Vana Nava Water Jungle sits at the base of the Holiday Inn Vana Nava Hua Hin – a truly easy-to-spot tower set back from the coastline. Unlimited entrance to the water park is included for guests of the Holiday Inn if you’re looking to stay and play. With the glass-floored Sky Deck hanging from the side, you’ll surely have spotted the Vana Nava Sky while riding the slides. Whether you’re staying here or elsewhere, finish your day of play over drinks and a meal while watching the sun go down over Hua Hin.

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Tickets can be purchased at the gates, but we strongly suggest you check their website for discounts and promotions. Be sure to book 24 hours before visiting. Vana Nava Water Jungle has several partnerships so your other Thai-based membership programs may land you a sweet price. Prices factor in customer’s age (12 years old is the tipping point) and height. Your kids may be asked to stand against a ruler upon arrival (this is very common in Thailand). There are packages available that include towels, lockers, and even beach huts (shady places to sit comfortably). The beach huts looked like fun, but we were happy to just snag a few lawn chairs for our things and then go have fun. Note that you cannot select the location of your beach hut or the larger cabanas and they are in several clusters around the park.

Your entry ticket comes in the form of an RFID wristband. This watch-like item will get you in, acts as your locker key, and you can load cash onto it for purchases within the park. In fact, most food vendors will only accept payment by RFID and not cash. The wristbands are colour coded to show which rides customers are old enough / tall enough to enjoy.

Entering through the gift shop and passing through the gates, you’ll see the locker and change rooms area. With big bathrooms (including showers and shampoo), you can easily change in and out of your gear here. The water park is divided into areas – the Kid Zone, the Family Zone, the Adventure Zone, and the Adult Ride / Fun Ride area. The entire park is quite walkable and it won’t take long for your kids to know how to move from one area to another.

We made camp on loungers under umbrellas between the Fisherman’s Cafe and the Rain Fortress. From this central spot we were able to divide and conquer with a parent taking the big kids and another parent taking the little kids.

Our older kids loved the Aquacourse and all of the waterslides. They did all of them except for the Abyss – which you must be 12+ and 137cm to ride (we adults loved it). It was family fun at Coconut Beach and our kids first time in a wave pool. At the base of each slide, there are written and picture explanations for which tube is required, height and age restrictions, and the number of riders allowed. Be sure to check if a tube is required. The Abyss and Boomerango have a tube elevator but the other slides require you to carry up your own. Vana Nava Water Jungle also boasts Asia’s first VR slide (additional charge) where you slap on VR goggles before heading down the slide.

Despite our persuasive attempts to eat at the neon-lit Vana Cave Cafe, our kids voted that down and we ate lunch at the Fisherman’s Cafe (it kept the slides in their line of sight). It was fried chicken, french fries, and sodas. There are a number of eating spots around the park and several food carts / stands. It’s the smaller stands where the really good stuff is – like frozen yogurt or gelato. Near the entrance, you’ll find The Grove restaurant which offers an all day buffet.

The park is well staffed and we never felt unsafe. If anything, the watchful eyes and helping hands made it easier to visit a water park with 4 kids under 10.

Packing Tips
  • no outside personal flotation devices are allowed. Life jackets are provided for free on site and the have sizes for children and toddlers (our 1 year old fit one just fine).
  • we took flip flop sandals, but if you have water shoes, bring those – your feet will thank you
  • sunscreen and hats
  • obviously your swim gear, change of clothes, and a bag to contain it all afterwards
  • no outside food or drink is allowed in (your bags will be checked before entering)

No place is untouched by COVID and at the time of visiting, the park was limiting the number of guests and some attractions were closed (the lazy river, ropes course, surf zone, and climbing wall).

A debate continues to rage in our home over which slide was the best. So far the Boomerango is the family favourite. After you’ve played your way through Vana Nava Water Jungle, we’d love to know which was your favourite!

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  2. Wow this is perfect to enjoy during summer! I love going to water parks and enjoy the thrilling rides. I definitely miss traveling and visiting other places so hopefully things will go back to normal soon. Thanks for the review!

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