Why don’t you use your real names?

Our entire adult lives have been spent working with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and non-profits. We often work with vulnerable communities and part of masking our identity is guaranteeing their privacy. If we share a picture from a location because it is beautiful and wonderful, we would never want to expose vulnerable people. We want to champion people and places without exposing them to harm. So that’s why we stick with Em and Eh.

Where is home?

Canada is our passport country and our strongest cultural influence. We got married in our young 20’s (wild, we know) and 6 months later we moved to Europe. 5 years, 2 countries as home, and 1 kid later, we returned to Canada for a few years (added a kid to the family too). Then in our early 30’s we made the move to Thailand. Now 5 years and 2 more kids (that’s 4 in total), we are happy to call Bangkok our home.

How old are you?

We get this one fairly often. We’re both in 30’s, We married young, and all of our kids are under 10.

What is the heartbeat driving WYK and Co?

What’s the point of passions if they don’t lead you to create with them? That creativity can take on a number of forms. For us, WYK and Co is one way that we can contribute towards greater global awareness, cross-cultural connectivity, and put some beauty out into the world. We have more to celebrate than fear despite what our newsfeed tells us.